The Most Common Acute Respiratory Infections


Sergey Sargsyan – head of the Institute of Child and Adolescent Health (ICAH), Arabki MC represents the details of activities carried out in the center and touches upon the respiratory problems, that are common among children.

About ICAH: Field of Activity and Main Objectives

In order to ensure th...

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Modern Approaches to Developmental Pediatrics


On 22-23th of May two-day scientific-practical seminar on “Modern Approaches to Developmental Pediatrics”, organized by «Arabkir»MC, ICAH, will be held at “ArBeS” HC.

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Today is the International Day of Nurses



Medical center “Arabkir” congratulate the caring nurses, working in the complex, on the occasion of their professional day.

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“Paediatric Rheumatology”

Diverse situations

MC Arabkir, ICAH in cooperation with Swiss Paediatric Clinic “Winterthur Canton”  and Zurich University,  is organizing a seminar on “Paediatric Rheumatology” at ICAH, MC “Arabkir” from 28 to 30 of March.

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Basics of Pediatric Palliative Care


“Armenian Association of Pediatricians” in cooperation with “Open Society Foundations” is organizing a tree-days’ seminar on “Basics of Pediatric Palliative Care” for clinical psychologists and health professionals from 16 to 18

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The following “Doors Open Days” were meant


As usual, Medical Complex “Arabkir” is organizing events for maintaining children’s health in all the regions of Armenia. The following “Doors Open Days” were meant for all children up to the age of 18 that live in the administrative district Arabkir and held on 25-26

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MC “Arabkir” will hold a “Doors Open Days” for the children up to the age of 18

bac drneri or arabkir

As usual, medical complex “Arabkir” organizes events for maintaining the health of children in nearly all the regions of Armenia.

This time, upcoming “Doors Open Days” will be held at Arabkir administrative district, at medical complex “Arabkir”.

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Orthodontic services

woman teeth and smile. Close up,half with braces

Orthodontic services of the correction of various denture anomalies are provided at Medical complex “Arabkir”. Working with brackets of different prices enables to satisfy every patient, and to choose the most optimal variant of treatment, depending on the case.

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Children’s Palliative Care Basics


16-19, January, 2017

In ArBeS health center of Arabkir MC , ICAH the Armenian Association of Pediatricians in cooperation with Open Society Foundations is organizing four-day

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In Arabkir Medical Center the New Year was celebrated in a joyful atmosphere.

arabkir (1)

In Arabkir Medical Centre the New Year was celebrated in a joyful atmosphere.

Santa Claus and cartoon heroes visited the patients of the clinic. The presents boosted the festive mood.

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