Annual Pediatric School organized by Armenian Pediatric Association was held in Arabkir MC-ICAH on June 1-2


The program of the School covers a number of actual topics, including lectures of Pediatric nutrition specialist from France Prof. Patrick Tounian on micronutrient deficiencies and management of pediatric obesity; among other topics there were rational use of antibiotics in pediatric respiratory infections, hypotrophy, congenital stridor, cytomegalovirus infection, gastroesophageal reflux disease.

June 1(1)The special presentation was dedicated to rational eating and healthy lifestyle promotion for children and adolescents by pediatricians and family doctors in order to prevent chronic non-communicable diseases.

The session was organized in the frames of an advocacy project held in collaboration of Armenian Pediatric Association with NCD Child initiative of the American Pediatric Association.

Up to 200 pediatricians, family doctors and different pediatric specialists from Primary health care and hospital facilities of Yerevan, all marzes of Armenia and NKR participated to the Pediatric School.

Ped. school-June 2Tounian-June1