Modern Approaches to Developmental Pediatrics


On 22-23th of May two-day scientific-practical seminar on “Modern Approaches to Developmental Pediatrics”, organized by «Arabkir»MC, ICAH, will be held at “ArBeS” HC.

Modern methods of evaluation in the sphere of developmental pediatrics, that are still topical in general pediatrics and for narrow specialists, will be presented during the seminar. Topics of utter importance, such as “The Evaluation of Motor Skills Development at an Early Age”, “Speech Development” and “Food Behavior”, will be discussed during the seminar.

Swiss experience of pain control is especially important in decreasing the stress and pain of the child. Besides the theoretical material, the specialists will present video clips on clinical cases, on which multiprofessional discussions will be held, that later will be used in the evaluation of child’s development.

The seminar welcomes pediatricians, doctors-rehabilitologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, developmental pediatricians.

The seminar will be presented by professor Bea Latal  from Switzerland, (co-head of  the Center for Children’s Development, Department of Pediatrics, Zurich Children’s Clinical Hospital) and Dr. Sep Holthz (Head of the Center for Children’s Development, Zurich Children’s Clinical Hospital).