Heratsi school event-22.03

On March 22, 2019 Teenslive team from the Institute of Child and Adolescent Health and the Armenian Pediatric Association have been hosted by Heratsi school in the frames of a beautiful event dedicated to Healthy lifestyle promotion. The main theme of the event was healthy eating and a role of food for health.

The event has started with a nice dance performances.

Then an original colorful presentation was done by students; a role of nutrients, vitamins and food additives was analyzed and discussed. A group of “the experts” – future doctors and biologists – discussed influences of different food groups and carbonated drinks, answered the most common questions on the topic and presented results of a survey on nutrition habits held by students themselves in Heratsi school.  Funny experiments were presented, including that with cola and egg

In the end a funny quiz for other students has been held.

The event was organized under the slogan “Healthylifestyle is my choice” in the frames of the advocacy campaign on healthy lifestyle promotion and non-communicable diseases (NCD) prevention.

Students who take part in the event received souvenirs of the NCDChild initiatiHeratsi-22.03ve.

The healthy food, regular physical activity, non-risky behaviors support to the well-being as well as decrease the risks of NCDs during adulthood.

It’s well known that the cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, chronic obstructive lung disease and malignant tumors make up the largest proportion of adult morbidity and mortality and are prevalent in Armenia. 60% of premature adulthood mortality and about 30% of the burden of diseases are associated with the risky behaviour and lifestyle developed and adopted in adolescence (United Nations Joint Program). Preventive measures and adoption of a healthy lifestyle during school years contribute to the prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases.

In the frames of the Project initiated by the Armenian Pediatric Association (the implementation of the project is supported by NCDChild subdivision of the AAP) the promotion of the Healthy Lifestyle is implemented within both the pediatric community and the students of the chosen 3 schools.


The event organized by adolescents of Heratsi school showed that young people understand the importance of healthy eating and are ready to promote healthy lifestyle among their peers and society.

Well done, guys and best of luck for their future activities!

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Teenslive Armenia, Armenian Pediatric Association and NCDChil initiative.