The following “Doors Open Days” were meant


As usual, Medical Complex “Arabkir” is organizing events for maintaining children’s health in all the regions of Armenia. The following “Doors Open Days” were meant for all children up to the age of 18 that live in the administrative district Arabkir and held on 25-26 of February at MC “Arabkir”.

The discount was planed on Saturday and Sunday, taking into account the fact that the inhabitants of administrative district Arabkir will be busy on working days. In the frameworks of the prophylactic medical discount, appointments with specialists and necessary medical examinations were organized.

As a result, professional services were provided to 113 children at Medical Complex “Arabkir” on 25th and 26th of April. 31 children needed counseling of otorhinolaryngologist, 23 – counseling of pediatric orthodontist and pediatrician, 20 children– of pediatric neurologist, 7 – of pediatric urologist and 9 children needed laboratory tests and instrumental examination.

The medical director of the “Institute of Child and Adolescent Health” confirmed that mainly in case of chronic diseases, the parents not always consult the doctors, affecting the child’s well-being, healthy and balanced growth and development. In this respect, especially vulnerable are children of 7-18 age.

He mentioned, the the primary results of the discount can testify, that among school-aged children, more attention should be paid to the neurological problem and problems of communication, to the prevention and treatment of ENT-diseases (especially to adenoids and chronic rhinitis) and to various orthodontic problems  connected to the development of jaw and occlusion disorders,  to the development of urogenital organs.

The director of “Arabkir” medical center – Ara Babloyan mentioned, that”Doors Open Days” is a necessity, a must, that allows to help Family Doctors and Paediatricians to detect a number of diseases, that require professional knowledge and skills.

 “The doctors working in our Center were happy to serve the children and their families, that visited Medical Complex “Arabkir” within the framework of medical discount. Soon another prophylactic discount is planned in April.

Military authorities of Russian Federation border troops with regard to organization of another regular prophylactic medical examination, thus showing their trust in the work of our specialists and in “Arabkir” Medical Complex,- said A. Babloyan.