Expanding the ties of armenian pediatricians


The European Academy of Pediatrics is one of the leading professional institutions, that reunites pediatricians from Western and Central Europe. Taking into consideration the fact, that Armenian pediatricians established ties with leading European professionals long stable Armenian Pediatric Association was the first to receive an membership invitation by European Academy of Pediatrics (EAP).

Sergey Sargsyan – chief officer of the Association, chief pediatrician of the Ministry of Healthcare, RA participated in General Assembly of The European Academy of Pediatrics (EAP) on December  2/3. During the sessions a great number of important questions were discussed. EAP expressed willingness of close cooperation with the European Network of Adolescent Healthcare and productive aid, where the Armenian professionals participated since 2006. It was reported that during recent years measles outbreak is recorded in a number of developed countries (e.g. France).  Armenia can avoid this due to the productive work of The National Immunoprevention Program.

Issues on organizing the work of pediatricians on primary and secondary levels were discussed as well. It was stated, that in most European countries, primarily a mixed system is functioned: children are being treated by both family physicians and pediatricians.

The operation of electronic systems of treatment of children (patients), the accurate coverage of issues on children’s healthcare via Internet, alongside the questions of raising awareness among parents, children and teenagers is of great importance.

The Armenian experience and approaches on the issues in question were presented in the discussions. Practical aspect of cooperation was discussed alike. It is worth mentioning, that the membership of such European institutions, engagement in discussions is a chance of deepening the further cooperation and the availability of innovations for professionals from Armenia.