Department of hemodialysis and kidney transplantation

The hemodialysis and kidney transplantation department provides all the necessary services required for the optimal management of the patient with End Stage Renal Failure (ESRF). The unit was founded in 1990 by sponsorship and support of “Semra” foundation (Switzerland) at the uro-nephrology center of the Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital.

During several years due to Armenian-Swiss and Armenian-Belgium cooperation, advanced medical staff and improved technical equipment now is possible to provide high quality treatment to the patients of all ages.

In Recognition of 25 years of cooperation the hemodialysis and kidney transplantation department is named after Belgian partner Jean-Pierre Van Waeleghem on October 2013.


The Hemodialysis and Kidney Transplantation Department has following functions:

Regular follow up and preparation of the patients with chronic renal disease for the treatment with chronic hemodialysis

  • Chronic hemodialysis
  • Acute hemodialysis
  • Plasma exchange
  • Evaluation and preparation for the transplantation of the patients with ESRF
  • Evaluation and preparation of living-related kidney donor
  • Postoperative and nephrological control of transplanted patients
  • Regular follow up of kidney transplanted patients

Hemodialysis department closely collaborates with hospital’s medical school and psychosocial services.

Additional information:

There are 4 hemodialysis halls: in 3 of them with 4 and 7 hemodialysis places in one big hall.

We use Fresenius 4008 E and Fresenius 4008 F hemodialysis machines.

We have two shifts: starting on 8:30 am and on 11:30.

There are two water purification systems: Fresenius և Gambro.


10970131_770228233046351_1728822567_o Prof. Ashot A. Sarkissian,

head of nephrology services

Helen Nazaryan Helen V. Nazaryan, MD,PhD

nephrologist, Head of the department

milena voskanyan Milena M. Voskanyan, MD,PhD

nephrologist at the kidney transplanted outpatient clinic

9 hemodialysis nurses and one nurse at the kidney transplanted outpatient clinic


  • Antwerp University Hopital, Belgium
  • University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
  • University Children’s Hopital Zurich, Switzerland

Information for patient

To schedule an appointment, call:  (37410) 23-68-83, ext. 12-12, 11-38, 12-14

Address: Mamikonyants str. 30, Yerevan, 0014, Armenia