ENT Department and Plastic Surgery

It’s more than 8 years that Plastic surgery service hold an activity at “Arabkir” MC-ICAH. We offer a wide range of services in plastic and aesthetic surgery –like making 1-day manipulation, rejuvenation procedures, as well as complicated reconstructive surgery, and much more.

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Main directions

  • head and neck surgery, treatment of congenital anomalies
  • aesthetic surgery
  • vascular malformations treatment (hemangiomas lymphangiomas)
  • intimate surgery
  • laser therapy (scars and hemangiomas)


Hrachya Arshakyan Dr. Hrachya Arshakyan,

Head of the Service, plastic surgeon

E-mail: admin@plasticsurgery.am

unnam Dr. Alina Karapetyan,

plastic surgeon, assistant



  • MAYO hospital, Department of Plastic Surgery, Minnesota, USA
  • Armenian Association of Plastic Surgeons(AAPRAS), (www.aapras.org)
  • University Center of Plastic Surgery(www.plasticsurgery.am),
  • YSMU, department of continuous education


  • “Plasticos” International project, 2013
  • Smile International project, 2009 June, second mission
  • Smile International project, 2008 October, first mission

Realized projects

  • Identification of children with cleft palate and cleft lips, surgical intervention
  • Training of local professionals and residents

Information for patients

For an appointment, please call: (+37410) 236 883, ext. 11-95

Address: 30 Mamikonyants str., Yerevan