We offer a wide range of dental services for adults and children at Arabkir JMC&ICAH. Our highly-qualified specialists demonstrate an individual attitude towards our clients. Thanks to the modern medical equipment, we make an exact and quick diagnosis, then make a plan of treatment with cooperation with patients.

Pediatric dentistry

  • Filling the primary and permanent teeth with modern high-quality filling materials
  • Tooth extraction, whitening, stone removing, membrane disease treatment
  • Teeth sanitation with general anesthesia

We also carry out anti-caries fluoride prophylaxis.

stomatologySpecialty Areas

We provide the following services:


  • Teeth treatment and filling with composite material and light cure.
  • Teeth reconstruction
  • Parodontium diseases treatment
  • Teeth whitening


  • Tooth extraction with anesthesia
  • Аbscess lancing with anesthesia


  • Tooth replacement with dental bridge and sheath (bulat (steel), plastic, metal-plastic, metal-ceramic, zirconia-ceramic)
  • Plate (partial, full)
  • Clasp
  • Soft


Susanna_Movsesyan Dr. Susanna Movsisyan, MD,

adult dentist

Diana_Movsesyan Dr. Diana Movsisyan, MD,

adult dentist

Gohar ustabashyan Dr. Gohar Ustabashyan, MD,


Information for patient

To schedule an appointment, call:  (37410) 23 68 83, external- 10-41; 10-18

Address; Mamikonyats 30, Yerevan 0014